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The Squash Summit Review: A New Collaborative Era

7th June 2024
squash summit

The PSA Squash Summit, meticulously orchestrated by Adriana Olaya, Head of the PSA Foundation, marked the beginning of a new collaborative era for our sport. No longer are we reminiscing about missed opportunities; instead, we are celebrating a significant leap forward underpinned by the news of our Olympic inclusion. The summit wasn’t just a gathering — it was a testament to the unity and ambition propelling squash into a bright new era.

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Big Things To Come In 2024!

23rd January 2024

On reflection, 2023 was a positive year for the sport at an elite level, the PSA continue to make big strides forward and the news of Olympic inclusion for 2028 was a welcome boost.

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Squash: Current State Of The Game

12th January 2024

I came into 2024 full of optimism for the future squash, fresh off the back of one of the most pivotal years the sport has experienced in many years! October 16th, 2023 was a momentous day for everyone involved in the game, and perhaps one of the greatest in our history, where it was finally announced that squash would become an Olympic sport.

In addition to that, earlier in 2023, the PSA announced the investment from Mark Walter, a long-time supporter of squash, and owner of Chelsea and the LA Dodgers, among other sporting entities.

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At Last…Squash is Officially an Olympic Sport!

16th October 2023

A New Dawn for Squash:

It’s official. Squash has made its grand entrance into the Olympic family. The 16th of October is not just another date on the calendar but a pivotal juncture that sees squash not only recognised for its global appeal but also presented with a golden opportunity for resurgence. The bittersweet memories of the IOC meeting in Singapore in 2005, where Olympic inclusion was almost within our grasp, have been consigned to history. Today, we are on the cusp of a new chapter, ready to redefine squash’s narrative on the world stage.

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Level Up Your Squash Game: SquashLevels Measures, SquashSkills Improves

22nd August 2023

September ushers in a new squash season, and with it comes the desire for players to elevate their game. If you’re looking to take your game to new heights in the 2023/2024 season, the combination of SquashLevels and SquashSkills could be the tools you’re after.. In essence, while SquashLevels gives you a clear picture of where you stand, SquashSkills provides you the toolkit to rise up the ranks. 

Let’s delve deeper.

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Netherlands To Host 2024 WSF World Masters

7th December 2022

Netherlands has been confirmed as the hosts for the 2024 WSF World Masters Squash Championships, with the Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam hosting all of the action between August 17-24. 

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SquashSkills Launches Game-changing New Digital Platform

13th September 2022

The waiting is over, we’re delighted to announce that we have launched our new website, alongside our Coaching and Training apps, plus a new look for the SquashSkills brand.

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Club Ladder Review – University of Nottingham Squash

26th April 2022
club ladder

This is a review of Club Ladder within the context of The University of Nottingham Squash Program. Although some of the advantages that are discussed in this review are especially important within a university context many of them are relevant to a significant degree to all community squash clubs.

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Tour of England Sept 6-10, 2021 – Richard Millman

12th October 2021

Below are some suggestions arising from my conversations with key stakeholders in the English game of Squash and some of my own thoughts.

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Appendix 1: Thoughts and suggestions arising from my Tour of England Sept 6-10, 2021 – Richard Millman

29th September 2021

Read: Tour of England Sept 6-10, 2021 – Richard Millman

Below are some suggestions arising from my conversations with key stakeholders in the English game of Squash and some of my own thoughts.

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Invitation To Tender

5th July 2021

SquashSkills are looking for brand & digital agencies to partner on the next phase for the business.

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SquashSkills partners with England Squash for World Squash Day!

27th September 2019

SquashSkills is delighted to be partnering with England Squash for World Squash Day to incentivise clubs across England in engaging more players and looking forward to helping raise the standard of squash being played in one of the game’s leading nations.

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