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SquashSkills To Celebrate 10th Birthday With A New Website, Apps, And Re-Brand

16th March 2022

SquashSkills, the world’s leading provider of online squash coaching, turns 10 in July this year, and as part of the celebrations, is preparing to unveil a new website, dedicated mobile apps, as well as a fresh look and feel for the brand.

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Track your racket to improve your game

28th August 2019

A new racket tracking sensor from Racketware specifically targeted at squash has recently launched. It allows players to accurately measure the motion of their racket at high speed under actual match conditions, providing accurate data that would be very difficult to get from any other source.

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The power of red

22nd February 2017
the power of red

Watching the Olympics this week, it struck me again just how fine the margins can be between winning and losing in competitive sport.

When two opponents are so evenly matched, it can come down to the minutest of factors that give a player that crucial edge that carries them to victory – surprisingly, there is research to suggest that this may even include something as seemingly trivial as the colour of the clothes that you wear!

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Unstable surface training for squash players

3rd February 2017
unstable surface training

In pretty much any large scale commercial gym you might wander into, you’re more or less guaranteed these days to see a number of various inflatable balls, foam blocks, wobble boards and other ‘Unstable Surface’ items of training equipment. But are they of any use for the squash player?

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Don’t skip skipping!

21st October 2016
squash skipping

There’s a huge range of different fitness tools and devices available these days, of a wildly varying degree of use and effectiveness. Amongst this backdrop of ‘must-have’ gadgets carefully marketed to part the fitness enthusiast from their money in their quest for the next latest and greatest workout tool, sometimes the simpler things get lost.

The humble Skipping Rope is one such oft-forgotten item, yet for the squash player in particular, it is an invaluable addition to your kit bag. Cheap, portable, and easy to use, no squash player should be without one!

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Choosing the right squash ball for you

23rd June 2016
squash ball

Are you new to the game of squash, and wondering which type of squash ball you should be using? A few factors go into choosing the correct squash ball, helping ensure it stays lively during play. Understanding which squash ball to use can be a bit confusing. Choosing the correct ball can make a huge difference to the amount of enjoyment you’re able to take from a practice session or match.

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What’s the best squash racket? | A guide to the perfect match

10th December 2015
squash racket

At SquashSkills we often get asked “what’s the best squash racket?” – particularly from players that are new to the game. We’ve enlisted the help of our friends at Sweatband to guide you through choosing the best squash racket.

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Compression garments for squash players

12th November 2015
compression garments

There are always an interesting variety of ‘performance enhancement’ tools, supplements, and interventions being utilised/promoted by top level athletes, some with more scientific plausibility behind them than others. These tend to vary in popularity, some being mere fleeting trends that are gone and replaced by some other fad in short order, while others can often stick around a lot longer.

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How to restring a squash racket

16th January 2015

So many squash players neglect their strings, even though proper stringing can make a huge difference to the way a racket performs.

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What’s in your squash bag?

30th October 2014
squash bag

Working on a coaching camp with a group of elite juniors recently, one of the things we were discussing with the youngsters in respect to how they could set themselves apart as players, was the crucial importance of proper preparation – be it for training, competitive league matches, or as part of a tournament. Something that we looked at as part of this was what should be considered the most important and essential contents of a player’s squash bag. 

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