At Last…Squash is Officially an Olympic Sport!

16th October 2023

A New Dawn for Squash:

It’s official. Squash has made its grand entrance into the Olympic family. The 16th of October is not just another date on the calendar but a pivotal juncture that sees squash not only recognised for its global appeal but also presented with a golden opportunity for resurgence. The bittersweet memories of the IOC meeting in Singapore in 2005, where Olympic inclusion was almost within our grasp, have been consigned to history. Today, we are on the cusp of a new chapter, ready to redefine squash’s narrative on the world stage.

olympicThis isn’t just a milestone for professional players; it’s a collective triumph for the entire squash community. Every one of us is a stakeholder in this journey, and the tireless efforts of the World Squash Federation (WSF), Professional Squash Association (PSA), and US Squash this time around have not been in vain. Despite the criticisms from certain corners of the internet, often unfounded and uninformed, these organisations have been the bedrock of our sport’s global advocacy.

The Olympic inclusion is complemented by Mark Walter’s strategic investment in PSA’s Squash Media & Marketing (SMM). This isn’t just capital infusion; it’s a vote of confidence, a catalyst that will unlock new commercial vistas and elevate the sport’s profile. The PSA is now poised to raise the global perception of squash, showcasing the athleticism, skill, and competitive spirit that define our sport.

While the spotlight is on the elite athletes, the grassroots can’t be overlooked. The narrative of decline, marked by dwindling participation and court closures, can be reversed. Olympic inclusion and the enhanced funding for national federations can be the catalysts for a renaissance. The rise of pickleball and padel underscores the evolving landscape of racket sports. Yet, squash’s Olympic status elevates its standing, offering a counter-narrative of resurgence and relevance.

The announcement of Peter Nicol’s combined squash and pickleball centre in New Jersey in 2024 is indicative of the synergies that can be harnessed. It’s not a zero-sum game. Squash, pickleball, and padel can co-exist, each enriching the ecosystem of racket sports and clubs. The Olympic inclusion is a testament to squash’s enduring appeal and its capacity to adapt, evolve, and thrive.

The five years leading up to the LA 2028 Olympics are crucial for squash. This isn’t just a time to celebrate but to act, to innovate, and to collaborate on a global scale. The grassroots level of the sport needs a boost, and steps like the right ball campaign and the wider acceptance of squash57 are positive strides. Outdoor squash courts, and perhaps modifications of the way that we play the game at entry level are needed. We should embrace the simplicity, and joy that comes with simply hitting a ball against a wall, perhaps any wall.

We must also adapt to the busy lifestyles of today’s world, offering flexible and accessible ways for people to engage with competition squash. Every one of us, players, supporters, clubs, national federations, and digital service providers has a role in this. We’re not just onlookers; we’re active contributors to squash’s new chapter. The Olympic inclusion and strategic investments are starting points, catalysts to a future where squash is not only revived but thriving and celebrated globally. We’re turning the page on the narrative of decline; ahead can be a story of resurgence and global acclaim. Now is the time to act, ensuring squash’s bright future is not just a possibility but a concrete reality.


Jethro Binns

SquashSkills Founder

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