Big Things To Come In 2024!

23rd January 2024

On reflection, 2023 was a positive year for the sport at an elite level, the PSA continue to make big strides forward and the news of Olympic inclusion for 2028 was a welcome boost.

From a SquashSkills perspective, it was a positive year that prominently features one of my childhood heroes in the form of Jonathon Power. JP has been an inspiration to many over the last 30 years and to have him feature on SquashSkills so prominently was a real treat.

2024We welcomed a number of new coaches to the platform including Simon Roesner, Josh Taylor, and Mostafa Essam.

A personal highlight was the wonderful interview with Ali Farag. Ali revealed lots more than any of us expected as he talked through his mental approach to the game, the highs and lows of life on tour, and being a professional athlete and a parent simultaneously. 

It was a slightly tricky year from a business perspective, we had launched the new platforms in late 2023 and spent much of 2024 battling with technical challenges that are synonymous with platform migrations. We’re very proud of where the product is now and feel that the website, Training and Coaching apps, and content are in fantastic places.


As we look ahead to 2024 we are excited about one feature in particular

We are currently developing an AI coach and recommendations engine that will enhance our members’ experiences on the site. If you’ve got a query or question that needs answering quickly DoubleDot (the name of our AI coach) will be on hand to guide you through whatever situation you may find yourself in. It might be that you have some pre-match nerves, or you’re playing a particular style of opponent and want a game plan, DoubleDot will be on hand! If you’re looking for content recommendations then ‘DD’ will be able to tell you exactly the content you’re looking for and give you access in a flash. It’s set to be a total game changer and will make navigating the platform so much easier. We can’t wait to share it with you so watch the space.

2024As ever we will strive to deliver high-quality coaching from as many players and coaches as we can, with the aim of covering all aspects of the sport. With over 4500 videos on site, we think we’ve got things pretty well covered but it’s always good to hear some fresh perspectives. Expect to hear from coaches from the US and Europe, as well as from stars on the PSA world tour.

We will be working with a number of different national federations to support and enhance their coach education offerings. SquashSkills has a vast array of content designed to support coaches and help them deliver better sessions that help players improve and take maximum enjoyment from the sport. 

We firmly believe that there needs to be a focus on the grassroots of the game, we have a fantastic shop window in the form of PSA and SquashTV but it’s at the grassroots where the work needs to be done in order to get new players onto the court and ensure they can derive maximum enjoyment from our incredible sport.

It’s set to be a great year where we are looking to do all we can to support players and coaches on their journeys to getting the most out of the sport we all love..


Jethro Binns

SquashSkills Founder


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