Level Up Your Squash Game: SquashLevels Measures, SquashSkills Improves

22nd August 2023

September ushers in a new squash season, and with it comes the desire for players to elevate their game. If you’re looking to take your game to new heights in the 2023/2024 season, the combination of SquashLevels and SquashSkills could be the tools you’re after.. In essence, while SquashLevels gives you a clear picture of where you stand, SquashSkills provides you the toolkit to rise up the ranks. 

Let’s delve deeper.

1. Gauge Your Skills with SquashLevels:

SquashLevels offers a unique perspective on the game by tracking and analysing match results for players across the spectrum – from novices to seasoned professionals. If you’ve ever participated in a competition, league squash or if your club boxes in certain parts of the world, SquashLevels probably has your match history, perhaps stretching farther back than you’d imagine.

Squash and Data: An Unlikely Pairing?
Contrary to traditional beliefs, data is becoming integral to squash. While many amateur players might have once summarised their performance using subjective remarks, platforms like SquashLevels.com are ushering in a more analytical approach.

Clear Benchmarking:
At its core, SquashLevels offers a dynamic rating system. By quantifying your current playing level, you’re granted a clear view of your starting point. This isn’t just about knowing your number, when combined with the skills testing components you get a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Setting and Tracking Goals:
SquashLevels has always been great for tracking progress. One of the anticipated features on SquashLevels is goal-setting. Players will soon be able to outline their ambitions for the season and then use the platform to visualise their progress. This integration of targets with tracking provides players with a roadmap for success.

Finding the Right Opponent:
SquashLevels makes it easy to understand the level of your opponents. The upcoming ‘Find a Player’ feature will take this one step further and be a total game-changer. It will empower players to locate and challenge opponents of a similar or desired skill level, ensuring that every match is an opportunity for growth, no matter where they are in the world.


2. Boost Your Level with SquashSkills:

Tailored Training Modules:
Once you’ve identified your current standing with SquashLevels, SquashSkills steps in with its curated lessons. Whether it’s the basics or advanced tactical strategies, the platform caters to all proficiency levels.

Focused Improvement:
Let’s say skills testing indicates a need for bettering your forehand volley drive. SquashSkills has a lesson for that. By targeting specific skills, players can ensure systematic and efficient improvement.

Fitness Sessions:
Beyond technique and tactics, SquashSkills provides fitness and conditioning regimens tailored for squash players. Physical agility and stamina are as crucial as technique, and SquashSkills ensures you’re match-fit.


This begs the question, are memberships to both SquashSkills and SquashLevels worthwhile?  We’re obviously biased but if you are a squash enthusiast looking to take their game to the next level then this is the recombination of digital tools you are looking for. These platforms offer a symbiotic relationship that creates a holistic approach to squash training.

The union of these two platforms, fueled by data and analytics, revolutionises how players perceive and develop their game. The competitive pricing and additional perks for members of a number of national federations make the investment even more appealing for the earnest player.

Ultimately, with SquashLevels measuring your performance and SquashSkills actively improving your skills, you gain a comprehensive and data-driven approach to squash training. Embracing the future of squash through these memberships can lead to continuous growth, unexpected victories, and a rewarding journey as you progress in the sport. So, if you are deeply passionate about squash, a membership to both SquashSkills and SquashLevels is an invaluable investment for your squash journey.