SquashSkills To Celebrate 10th Birthday With A New Website, Apps, And Re-Brand

16th March 2022

SquashSkills, the world’s leading provider of online squash coaching, turns 10 in July this year, and as part of the celebrations, is preparing to unveil a new website, dedicated mobile apps, as well as a fresh look and feel for the brand.

Partnering with leading video-on-demand platform, Uscreen, SquashSkills are developing a new website and mobile app (iOS/Android) to improve the way that coaching video content is delivered. The user experience will be significantly enhanced, with a focus being placed on speed, and new features such as offline viewing being added. Taking the lead from market-leading apps such as Netflix, SquashSkills members will be able to browse the extensive library of coaching videos and documentaries more easily, from some of the biggest names in the sport. 

In addition to the new website and coaching apps, SquashSkills have totally reimagined how sessions are delivered to their members.  Working with U.S-based app developers Everfit, iOS, and Android training apps will be released hosting an extensive library of squash-specific training exercises, routines, and condition games. The app will offer ready-made sessions that cater to players of all abilities and will help players improve all aspects of their games. In addition, a new coach-specific membership is also in the pipeline which will give coaches the tools they need to manage their players effectively by scheduling sessions, managing training diaries, monitoring nutrition, and reviewing match feedback.  

SquashSkills founder, Jethro Binns said “We are incredibly excited for the launch of our new digital platforms, and for the significant added benefits that it will provide for the squash community. We have been acutely aware of the limitations that our current website poses, and this has been in our thinking for a long time but Covid-19 delayed those plans somewhat. Myself, the team, and our close partners are determined to reinvigorate the sport and a factor in that for us, is improving the product and service that we can provide for our members and the rest of the global squash community.”

Behind the scenes, the SquashSkills teams have started to work with other leading technology providers and organisations within the squash world to support their ambition to deliver a ‘best in class’ experience for their members.

Jethro added, “This has been an opportunity for us to look at how we work with our partners, to provide a more holistic approach for members. We’ve been working with SquashLevels for quite some time and I’ve made no secret of the real synergy that exists between the two businesses as well as how this can add to the member experience. We’ll be pulling data from SquashLevels into the SquashSkills platform so that members can track improvements but also receive more bespoke recommendations on coaching videos to watch based on recent performance and feedback.”

The new platform and brand is due to launch mid-2022 and more details will be released soon.

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