Choosing the right squash ball for you

23rd June 2016

Are you new to the game of squash, and wondering which type of squash ball you should be using? A few factors go into choosing the correct squash ball, helping ensure it stays lively during play. Understanding which squash ball to use can be a bit confusing. Choosing the correct ball can make a huge difference to the amount of enjoyment you’re able to take from a practice session or match.

Dunlop is still generally regarded as the market leaders when it comes to squash balls. They are the official ball to the PSA and offer 4 different balls for players of different levels.

The Pro (or double yellow dot) is the official ball of the leading global organisations, that’s the WSF, PSA and WSA.  It is the only ball used in international and professional events. It’s suitable for professionals, good club players or for playing on very warm courts.

The Competition (single yellow dot) has a 10% longer hang-time than the Pro and is aimed at lower-level club players or for use on cold courts. Professionals will often use these a lot during training, particularly in preparation for playing in warmer countries.

The Progress is aimed at improvers and recreational players. It is 6% larger than the Pro and Competition balls. The hang time is increased by approximately 20% when compared to the Pro ball. It bounces more and doesn’t have to be hit as hard to get the ball warm.

The Intro is aimed at beginners, is 12% larger than Pro and hangs for 40% longer. It’s perfect for people who are new to the game and don’t want to have to worry about keeping the ball warm to maintain a rally.

There are other balls on the market which are worth exploring. The key is finding the right ball that works for you. You want the ball to bounce enough so that you are able to rally and not having to worry about trying to warm it up all of the time.

Using the correct ball will make squash more enjoyable and you’ll find that both gameplay and practice are more pleasurable.

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