Track your racket to improve your game

28th August 2019

A new racket tracking sensor from Racketware specifically targeted at squash has recently launched. It allows players to accurately measure the motion of their racket at high speed under actual match conditions, providing accurate data that would be very difficult to get from any other source.

racketwareWeighing less than a replacement grip, and fitting snugly yet securely on the end of the racket, the Racketware sensor doesn’t affect swing production or match play. The accessories are supported by apps on both Android and iOS, players can get their match feedback immediately after their game.

Match stats:

  • Fitness stats such as number of shots played, number of rallies played, calories burned and effort level
  • Game-based stats such as number of shots per rally, average rally length, shot power, racket prep and match pace
  • Tactics stats including a breakdown of all winners and errors into forehand/backhand and front/back
  • There’s also a set of personalised monthly goals and a record of personal bests as well as lifetime achievements to help keep players motivated

Swing stats:

Subscribers to SquashSkills will already know how important it is to learn from top players. With Racketware’s “Live Mode” players can use their sensor during practice sessions to compare their swing to that of a top coach for a range of twenty different shot types and get immediate shot by shot feedback including accuracy and consistency. The swing is broken down into ten different phases and presented on an easy to view radar chart to help players identify weaknesses, experiment and improve.

This type of device is never going to replace a human coach. But it can help coaches and players alike if they want to take advantage of it. Players can track every single match they play, and coaches can monitor the performance of their students under real match conditions even when they can’t be there. Having objective and accurate data for each player’s swing live in coaching sessions can also greatly aid the coaching process. Since all upgrades are free, and new features are being released every few months – it looks perfect for the new season!

If you’ve had a go with the Racketware sensor, we’d love to hear your feedback

If you'd like to find out more about the sensor visit the Racketware website

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