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Squash & Fitness Clubs in Norway are currently seeking a Squash Head Coach

21st February 2023

Squash & Fitness Clubs are currently seeking a Squash Head Coach to oversee the squash program for five clubs in Oslo, Norway. With over 6000 members, their clubs have a large and dedicated community of squash players of all levels, from beginners to competitive athletes.

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The Formidable 5 Off-Court Physical Challenges

19th January 2021

Leading on from our ‘Formidable 5’ on-court physical challenges, we thought it was a good time to follow up with ‘version 2’ – this time focused on drills designed to be carried out away from the court, to set up some tough fitness targets for everybody out there unable to access the gym or the courts right now. 

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All you need to know about Nick Matthew!

30th July 2015
Nick Matthew

Over the last few week’s we’ve featured a number of playlists from Nick Matthew, covering both rhythm of movement and types of length. Given Nick’s presence on SquashSkills, we thought it only right that we do some research into his very successful squash career!

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