My SquashSkills experience – Manuel Martin

20th October 2017

My 8-year-old son is a beginner that loves squash. We started playing regularly a year ago. I played many years ago but I have no coaching experience whatsoever. We watched a lot of videos on YouTube but for the most part the content and production quality varies a lot and it is very time-consuming to find help in specific areas of the game (i.e. specific shots, drills or speed/conditioning).

I think the videos are very well produced and I love how the content is curated and classified. It’s very easy to find what we are looking for and organise the videos for our practices. Most of all, we love getting the perspectives of so many experts in one place. Sometimes it takes many different words to get a concept to click and hearing it from different people with different perspectives makes it easy to grasp (I also love hearing all the different accents!).

We use SquashSkills to learn and prepare then we work with our local pro for on the spot corrections. SquashSkills helps us use of our local pro’s time very efficiently. By being more efficient we save time and money. SquashSkills more than pays for itself.

My son has made tremendous improvements in just a few months and this past weekend he won his first tournament. Just to be clear, you get nothing without hard work but having solid guidance makes things so much easier.

Please keep up the good work!



P.S. The SquashSkills match-shirts are very nice!

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