My SquashSkills experience – Garry Irwin

2nd November 2017

It’s a pleasure to write this endorsement for SquashSkills. In September 2014, I had a major hip replacement which had been affecting my squash ability. I did not rush back into competitive play for 18 months after the operation.

When I did start back in mid 2016, I knew that I had to iron out some kinks in my game.

This is difficult being over 60 and teaching myself new ways to do the simplest of techniques. The ability to watch and refer back to the videosĀ from SquashSkills enabled me to iron out these kinks to a major degree. It was great that I could save them and refer back to them. I could also train on my own and concentrate on my training using the videos!

Due to the above, I am having the most successful Pennant season in a long while and have also been very successful in the past two Australian Championships at my level.

I’m centre of the picture, with the Gold Pan winning trophy.

Garry Irwin

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