My SquashSkills experience – David Taylor

14th November 2017

I write to you from Leme Tênis Clube in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was founded in 1914 and for many years was prominent in Rio de Janeiro for the level of its squash, as well as tennis.

Thank you SquashSkills for this opportunity to contribute to your blog!

Although downsized at present to only one court, squash play at LTC is avid and regular, including that of enthusiastic recreational players outside of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday traditional games nights of our self-titled group “Squash LTC.”

League play and professional coaching we are able to access with relative ease at a squash club in another neighbourhood not too far away, but only on a temporary or otherwise limited membership basis and, given the reality of our workdays and the close proximity of our club to where we live (beachfront; the club is perfectly situated behind our buildings; we call it our “backyard”), those of us particularly keen on more competitive play maximize our Tuesday and Thursday evenings and weekends with drills practice and conditioned games.

What is trained in practice becomes set play in game, as my dad always says, and the nuances to proper stroke, court positioning and other technique as well as game play tactics that come from the video and other content SquashSkills provides is invaluable to us.

Born in England, raised in the States by an English father and Brazilian mother, I have resided in Brazil for several decades now.  I was very lucky to have grown up in the Princeton area, where squash is taken very seriously and the facilities are top notch.

It pleases me immensely that squash is so strong here in Brazil and, speaking of Rio, that there are so many players and of such good caliber (interclub tournaments here are always exciting, and their finals dramatic showdowns). SquashSkills absolutely plays a role in this, as I can so happily attest, even just relating to our local club experience.

Many thanks!

David Taylor
Member of Leme Tênis Clube
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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