Mastering the Squash Court: My Journey to Improve My Game

29th February 2024

Squash is a demanding sport, a relentless battle within four walls where fitness, skill, and mental strength are equally crucial. I quickly learned that mere physical fitness isn’t enough to outmanoeuvre a tactically smart, and more experienced opponent. This realisation led me to SquashSkills, a platform that not only enhanced my squash-specific fitness but also provided insights from top players and coaches. It was here that my squash journey truly started to transform.

How It All Started: My Early Days

Back in 2016, my SquashLevel was about 350. Full of passion but without a clear plan for improvement, my initial progress was driven by sheer enthusiasm. Looking back, I realise that I was barely scratching the surface of my potential. Discovering SquashSkills was an eye-opener to the vast opportunities for enhancement in my game.


A Magical Combination: ‘Skills and ‘Levels

The turning point in my squash journey was combining the structured training and knowledge I was gaining from SquashSkills with the ability to track my progress through SquashLevels. This provided me with a clear plan of what and where I needed to improve,  as well as a tangible way to monitor my progress, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and find satisfaction in every step forward.


Building a Foundation with SquashSkills

My transformation truly began with SquashSkills, where I could tap into coaching tips from some of the biggest names in the sport. This exposure significantly improved my technique and tactical understanding. During the Covid lockdown, I joined in on several of the SquashSkills Training Clubs, which not only helped to keep me motivated, and my training structured, but I made some great friends along the way. Of particular note were the solo drills in the Training Club that led to a notable sharpening of my technique.


Tracking Progress with SquashLevels

As I refined my skills, SquashLevels became an essential tool for measuring my improvement. This platform narrated my journey of personal growth, challenges, and triumphs, allowing me to set and achieve new targets. Monitoring my level over time was instrumental in setting realistic goals, seeing the results of my hard work in training, and understanding my competitive aspirations.


A Synergistic Effect

The partnership between SquashSkills, a platform renowned for its comprehensive training resources, and SquashLevels, which offers a detailed tracking system for a player’s performance, has significantly enhanced my training experience. SquashSkills provides expert coaching tips and techniques, tailored to players of all levels, helping me refine my game. On the other hand, SquashLevels allows me to monitor my progress through a quantifiable ranking system, offering clear insights into my development over time.

This synergistic combination has not only fine-tuned my gameplay but also offered a tangible way to see my improvement. The rise in my SquashLevels ratings is a direct reflection of the training and knowledge I’ve gained from SquashSkills. This visible progress fuels my motivation, driving me to engage more deeply with my training and strive for higher levels of mastery. It’s a compelling cycle of learning, improving, and seeing the results, which keeps me dedicated and eager to advance further in my squash journey.


The Fruits Of My Labour

The graph below illustrates my significant improvement, a testament to the value of consistent hard work. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, I remained dedicated, participating in every SquashSkills Training Club session. These remote sessions, through Zoom and the SquashSkills Training App, allowed me to train with world-class professionals, integrating their methodologies into my regimen. My meteoric rise post-2021 – a 100% increase in level over 18 months – highlights the effectiveness of this dual approach.

Your Path to Squash Excellence

My story is more than a personal achievement; it’s a blueprint for any squash player aiming to improve their game. Blending skill development with level tracking is a powerful toolkit for game improvement. Integrating SquashSkills and SquashLevels into my routine marked a game-changing evolution in my play. This powerful combination didn’t just improve my game; it revolutionised my approach to squash. For those aspiring to boost their squash game, I recommend following a similar path, combining SquashSkills and SquashLevels for a structured and measurable route to success.


Scott Richardson

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