Transform Your Forehand: A New Series with Jethro Binns and Jack Mugglestone

15th May 2024

In a return to a much-loved and hugely popular format, Jethro Binns teams up with amateur player, Jack Mugglestone to refine his forehand technique and breathe new life into his game.

A keen squash player, Jack is largely self-taught with a SquashLevel of 1400, and has been playing for a couple of years. He’s keen to iron out some of the flaws in his game and become more competitive in his local club matches.

With an emphasis on improving his forehand technique, Jethro guides Jack through a deep dive into the fundamentals of swing mechanics and preparations. As they navigate various technical issues, Jethro highlights how subtle flaws affect different shots like drives, kills, and boasts, providing invaluable insight for players at Jack’s level who want to boost consistency and creativity in their play, as well as those looking to refresh the fundamentals.

Drawing inspiration from pros like Paul Coll, known for his dynamic forehand, Jethro encourages Jack to lift his racket above the ball and cock his wrist to create a strong starting position. By leading with the elbow, Jack finds more power and better control, transforming his ability to hit both front and back corners with precision.

While it’s not without its challenges, Jethro’s keen guidance helps Jack develop a more consistent, well-rounded forehand. As Jack learns to release through the ball and use the strings more, his newfound confidence brings a fresh unpredictability to his play.

This series isn’t just about improving one shot – it’s about empowering Jack to keep his opponents guessing. With solid fundamentals and enhanced shot variety, his forehand becomes a versatile tool that can seamlessly transition between tight kills and deadly drives. Witness Jack’s transformation as he refines his forehand under Jethro’s watchful eye and learn some new tricks to sharpen your own game.

Join us on court for this insightful series as we unpack the secrets to improving the forehand technique!

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Perfect for beginner and intermediate players or indeed anyone looking to refresh the fundamentals and enhance their forehand technique, this playlist will inspire your next practice with clear, actionable advice.

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