SquashLevels and Squash Australia announce landmark initiative

14th December 2021

SquashLevels has teamed up with Squash Australia (SQA) to launch an exciting new partnership that aims to bring the squash-playing community together.

SQA are committed to forming digital alliances and collaborating with leading organisations to best serve the needs of the squash-playing community in Australia. This exciting new partnership with SquashLevels will digitally revolutionise how players interact with the game in Australia.

As part of the partnership, all Squash Australia members will be able to claim an enhanced SquashLevels membership with extended match history, enhanced insights and access to regional and club rankings to track their playing level and monitor their performance. Plus, SQA members will receive 25% off premium membership plans.

SquashLevels Commercial Director Jethro Binns said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Squash Australia. We see SquashLevels becoming an enormously powerful tool for players and federations and organizations looking to engage with their members in a deeper and more meaningful way. We are excited about the opportunities that federations such as Squash Australia will have to communicate with players whilst they are thinking about their squash.”

The partnership will also see both organisations working together over the next 12 months to enhance the national rankings system.

“Squash Australia is committed to providing the Squash community with new and innovative ways to enhance the participant experience. Technology has had a huge impact on sport and this partnership with SquashLevels will provide Squash participants with access to a unique platform, built specifically for Squash, that will better connect the Squash community here in Australia” said Squash Australia CEO, Robert Donaghue.

Over the last six years, SquashLevels has seen great levels of adoption within the UK, with players using it as part of their regular squash routine. After re-launching the brand in 2020, which included a significant overhaul of the website, SquashLevels is working with national squash federations globally to create a more conected community of squash players. 

SquashLevels founder and director Richard Bickers said the adoption of the platform by major federations is already changing the landscape for elite and recreational squash players globally.

“SquashLevels has been a labour of love over the last few years, I’m excited by the response of a number of major federations now who are seeing the potential benefit of the platform,” said Bickers.

“We know that players love the site and get great satisfaction from being able to monitor the performances. There is clearly an amazing opportunity here to create a truly global community of squash players with everyone working together to build something fantastic.”

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