My SquashSkills Training Club Experience – Teresa Conza

3rd July 2020

What started out as an impulsive “why not join the Training Club?” (after all, a weekend of SquashSkills training camp improved my game) has evolved into many reasons why I should continue.  Little did I suspect how transformative this experience would be.

training clubI found myself pushing past limits I never anticipated, and before my first 6 weeks ended, I decided to join another Training Club cycle.  I was happily learning a variety of new fitness drills, feeling great working out and seeing results.  My personal best, as well as my appreciation for the Training Club, keeps moving up, and I’ve committed for yet another cycle for a glorious uninterrupted 18 weeks of training led by awesome squash fitness and performance director Gary Nisbet, along with the rest of the expert SquashSkills team!  

These weeks have been much more than just following drills laid out by Gary. The Training Club has also been about uncovering strengths and weaknesses, supporting each other, and learning how to become optimally fit for squash.

A better understanding of how aspects of fitness affect squash performance has led me to examine my playing with fresh eyes. I realize that working through the Training Club’s comprehensive and balanced sessions on endurance, speed/agility, strength and mobility will enable my game to improve faster both technically and tactically. 

Demanding variations of double- and single-leg squats, press-ups, lunges and more, combined with breathless shuttle runs, high-intensity interval training, plyometric jumps, intense footwork and ladder drills, along with ball pickup challenges, are all working together to push my endurance limits and to make my movements stronger, smoother and more powerful. Ghosting drills are cleverly interspersed. Nothing boring! And no drill without good purpose, but each targeted and sequenced for achieving optimum squash fitness and mobility. In addition to physical improvement, I know I’ve been toughened mentally by powering through rigorous workouts and believing that I can.  

The Training Club’s structure and contents provide great inspiration and support. Along with detailed directions and explanations, Gary daily responds thoughtfully and thoroughly to questions and comments. Global participants and access to the SquashSkills coaches together create an excellent forum (chat app and group calls) for a continuous discussion of all things squash, whether it’s equipment, recovery, injuries or other related topics. Motivated by a common passion we encourage each other and lighten our training work with humor and friendship, which help when muscles are burning, fatigued or outright ready to give up! Sweating through drills together virtually, we can be sure our improvements off court will translate into gains on court.

With the pandemic causing extended mandatory social distancing and locked courts, the Training Club has been a bright light for me. Training hard and learning valuable new squash-related information during each session has been a massively positive experience. A real advantage is also the number of drills requiring only a small space at home (eventually the gym or even traveling!). I look forward to increasing my squash fitness and growing my squash knowledge, as I continue into the next Training Club cycle—plenty of reasons to continue.

Thank you, SquashSkills, for a stellar Training Club!


Teresa Conza
SquashSkills Training Club participant

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