Tactics To Win Matches – With Joel Makin

21st February 2024

Joel Makin has meticulously crafted a playlist on tactics that’s designed to give you a framework to work with every time you step on court.  It’s a deep dive into the strategic mind of one of the PSA Men’s World Tour’s toughest competitors. Here’s a sneak peek into what Joel’s latest coaching series offers to whet your appetite.


tacticsThe Art of Tactical Squash

Joel begins by shedding light on an often-overlooked aspect of squash – the power of a well-crafted game plan. Discover how simple, yet effective guidelines can elevate your game, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of your opponent. Joel’s approach isn’t about overcomplicating your strategy; it’s about refining it to play to your strengths, making every match a testament to your tactical acumen.


Body Type Tactics

Ever thought about how your physical attributes can influence your game strategy? Joel delves into the nuances of tailoring your tactics to complement your body type, turning what you might consider your physical limitations into your greatest assets on the court. Whether you’re tall, short, agile, or powerful, Joel’s insights will teach you how to use these traits to your advantage, ensuring you dominate the court, no matter who you’re up against.



Technical Mastery Meets Tactical Genius

Joel doesn’t stop at physicality. He explores how marrying your technical skills with smart tactics to make you particularly tough to beat. From early racket preparation to leveraging your unique playing style, Joel’s playlist guides you through enhancing your natural game while keeping your opponent guessing.


Reading the Game 

One of Joel’s most invaluable lessons revolves around the ability to read the game and your opponent. Learn how to interpret subtle cues during the match, from the knock-up to critical game phases, allowing you to adapt your tactics on the fly. This segment is a game-changer, offering you the tools to not just react but to dictate the pace and direction of the match.



Adaptation: The Key to Victory

Finally, Joel emphasises the importance of flexibility. The best players are those who can pivot their strategies based on the game’s flow and their opponent’s tactics. This playlist doesn’t just teach you how to start strong; it equips you with the skills to stay strong, ensuring you can turn any match around, no matter the odds.


Why Joel’s Playlist is a Must-Watch

Joel’s playlist is more than just a series of squash lessons; it’s a comprehensive guide designed to challenge and change the way you think about squash. With Joel’s expertise, you’ll not only refine your physical game but also master the mental and strategic elements that define the sport’s elite players.

But don’t just take our word for it. Dive into Joel’s playlist to discover the secrets to his success and how you can replicate them on the court. We’ve only scratched the surface here; the full playlist is packed with insights, strategies, and tips that Joel has honed over his career.

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With a focus on practical strategies and real-game scenarios, this playlist empowers players to harness their potential, refine their skills, and dominate the court.

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