SquashSkills Is 9 Years Old!

5th July 2021

Friday 2nd July 2021 marked a milestone for SquashSkills as we officially entered our 10th year. In 2012 SquashSkills launched, breaking new ground for the sport of squash, albeit on a budget website and with some particularly cringe-worthy videos.

The idea that you could learn a sport with the support of online coaching was perceived as far-fetched by many and in all honesty, we were not sure how the concept would go down.

Here we are 9 years later celebrating the fact that we’ve contributed something really valuable to so many people who share our love of squash. It’s certainly not all been plain sailing, the last year, in particular, has tested us more than any other, with squash all but stopping in many regions of the world. 

Our membership understandably has taken a hit, but we’ve also been amazed by the continued support of many of our members, despite not being able to get on court.

We pride ourselves on building connections with our members and the last year has seen us develop a number of new initiatives that deliver a more personal experience. The SquashSkills Training Club has been a major success story of the last 12 months, with players from all over the world joining in 6-week training programs designed to develop different elements of their squash and fitness. Recent editions have seen the likes of Joel Makin, Paul Coll and Nick Matthew share their training methods and offer guidance to participants in the groups. 

It’s been an exciting development and has allowed us to break down the barriers between the amateur and professional games. We look forward to developing this further as part of some exciting new partnerships…keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for more on that!

We’re hopeful that the next 12 months will be positive for the sport, it’s been a tricky period and it feels like we all need to pull together and work in unison for the collective good in order for the sport to bounce back.

To celebrate entering our 10th year, we’re delighted to offer our community a great discount whereby you can get an annual membership for only £48/€66/$84. This will give you full access to coaching series, fitness and squash sessions, and many more member-exclusive benefits. You’ll also be supporting the continued growth and development of the platform following on from what has been a particularly difficult period.

And for our existing members, we’re running a Giveaway where you can win one of five amazing prizes.

We’ve very thankful to everyone who has been a part of the SquashSkills journey for the best part of a decade. If you had told me that we would go on to create over 10,000 videos and work with 15 World number ones all the way back in 2012, I’m not sure I would have believed you, but here we are. 


Thanks once again.

Jethro & the SquashSkills team

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