Flow like the French!

29th June 2018

We’re delighted to welcome Camille Serme to SquashSkills, as she takes us through her approach to the game technically, tactically, physically, and mentally – all of the 4 crucial components of the competitive squash player.

France have produced a number of elite players in recent years, the best known being Camille and Greg Gaultier who have long been fixtures in the Women’s and Men’s PSA top 5. Mathieu Castagnet has also flirted with the top 10, while in the next tier down the 20s and 30s sees names such as Greg Marche, Lucas Serme, and Coline Aumard.

One familiar theme you see within all of these players is outstanding conditioning.

camille sermeThe French have long had a great reputation of producing strong, balanced, and powerful athletes – perhaps the best example of this being Thierry Lincou the former world number 1 from Reunion Island, whose physical dominance of the T area and iconic crab-like movement across the short line made him a nightmare match-up for his opponents.

The next batch of up and coming French stars in Victor Crouin, Sebastien Bonmalais, and Benjamin Aubert also look to have that trademark French physicality, and it will be interesting to see if they can take on the mantle from the current crop – it’s an extremely high bar to maintain however, with the French holding an outstanding record of finishing either winners or runners-up in 17 of the past 18 European Men’s Team Championships since 2000.

If you’re looking to add some Gallic flair to your game, beyond Camille’s fascinating insights we’ve also had some fantastic content on the site recently examining the French approach to movement, exploring their trademark stability in the shot, fluid lateral movement, and comfort playing off of either foot.

Camille SermeFor those looking for more input into how best to practice these elements, we’ve had some outstanding videos featuring Thierry Lincou discussing some of his favourite movement drills, plus two additional series looking more specifically at his approach to the ball, and his thoughts on the best ways to develop exceptional footwork.

To get anywhere close to successfully emulating the French style of play however, developing your base physical conditioning is key. Incorporating some foundation strength sessions into your weekly training is crucial if you’re to develop that strength and power across the middle of the court, as well as some more specific dynamic balance and stability work.

Check out these two sessions for a great starting point in building your squash-specific conditioning, to help you start flowing like the French!

  1. Balance/Stability Circuit
  2. Lateral Movement Session

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