Fitness programme update – Benefits of bolt-ons

11th June 2015

We’re constantly growing and expanding our library of fitness content on the site, and this includes a whole host of fresh new sessions and programmes being added weekly.

We try and cater for all levels of age and ability with a host of different drills and exercises, and the feedback we receive from our members goes a long way to shaping our topic focuses and future direction.

One thing we’ve been hearing a lot recently is players desperate to increase their conditioning but struggling to find the time to do so.

With time scarce due to family, work, and social commitments, squeezing extra sessions into the week to get the necessary physical work in can be very difficult.

With this in mind, we’ve created a ‘Bolt-on’ programme, consisting of a series of short, sharp physical sessions of no more than 10 minutes’ duration, that you can simply bolt-on to the end of your usual on-court games/training each week.

If you’re coming from a base of low conditioning, just stick to the programme for the full 4 weeks and you’ll start seeing improvements straight away.

If you want to really boost your results, you can repeat the sessions again within the same week – just tag them on to any other on-court matches/practice sessions you do that week, and then switch onto the next week’s sessions every Monday.

As an introduction to how the sessions work, all of our registered subscribers can check out a FREE sample bolt-on session by clicking here.

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