Achieving a World-Class Mindset: The Path to Improvement for Club Squash Players

25th September 2023

Squash is a sport that demands skill, precision, physicality, and mental fortitude, this is why it continues to produce many world-class athletes who push the boundaries of performance. While club squash players may not attain the same level as these professionals in terms of skill and physicality, they can match their mindset by approaching each practice session with a clear purpose and focused attention to detail.

In this article, we will explore how adopting a world-class mindset can improve the game of club players and contribute to the overall development and enjoyment of squash.

Practicing with Purpose

The world-class squash players we come to admire, didn’t reach the pinnacle of the sport by merely going through the motions during practice. Instead, they approach each training session with a clear purpose in mind. Club players can emulate this mindset by setting specific goals for every session. Whether it’s improving a particular shot, working on footwork, or enhancing game tactics, having a purpose gives direction and focus by adding quality to the session.

Regularly evaluating and adjusting these goals is equally important. By tracking progress and making necessary changes to the focus of a session, a player can enhance their development which will in turn help them to stay motivated throughout the journey.


Attention to Detail

Elite performers understand the value of attention to detail. Every aspect of their game is thoroughly analysed and optimised, from their technique to their conditioning. For club players, this level of scrutiny may seem daunting, but it is an essential aspect of improvement.

Club squash players can benefit greatly from paying close attention to their technique, position, conditioning, and shot selection. It is important that we understand our strengths, as well as our weaknesses. Seeking guidance from an experienced coach or using available resources can provide valuable insights and corrections that can make a significant difference to performance on the court.


Quality Over Quantity: Time is Valuable

Of course, professional players can dedicate their lives to their performance while they engage in hours of demanding training. Club players, in contrast, may not have the luxury of such time commitments. Time is valuable and it is essential to remember that the key to improvement lies in the quality of practice rather than its quantity.

Focusing on executing each shot correctly, even during shorter practice sessions, can lead to more significant improvements over time. Prioritising quality over quantity ensures that any player makes the most of the time they have available and prevents the development of bad habits due to careless repetition. Accumulating many smaller gains will lead to significant improvements down the line.


Mindfulness and Mental Toughness

World-class performers possess exceptional mental fortitude that allows them to stay focused and composed even in high-pressure situations. Club players can match this mindset by cultivating mindfulness during practice. Being fully present during training and concentrating on every shot as if it were a match-point can improve concentration and decision-making during actual games.

Additionally, club players should work on developing mental resilience, by learning to bounce back from setbacks and seeing these moments as opportunities to learn and understand areas to develop. This will help in maintaining a positive attitude throughout the squash journey. Mental strength can make a substantial difference, especially during those closely contested matches.



While club squash players may not reach the same level as world-class athletes in terms of skill, adopting a world-class mindset can significantly elevate a player’s game and overall enjoyment of squash. By approaching practice with a clear purpose, paying attention to detail, and cultivating mental toughness, club players can maximise their potential and constantly strive to improve. Emulating the mindset of world-class players ensures that every step on the squash court becomes an opportunity for development. Begin taking this approach consistently and watch how your game develops.


Lee Drew

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