Zero to Hero: Introduction

29th November 2018

Welcome to the SquashSkills Zero to Hero series. The aim of this set of videos, blogs, and emails is to provide a course like structure that helps players to work on the fundamentals of the game in a way that makes sense for them.

The course has been designed in such a way that you can come back at any time and refresh your memory on the core components of the game.

Learning squash does not happen in a linear fashion, we don’t do two weeks of straight drives before we do 2 weeks of volleying and then 2 weeks of tactical play. We have to chip away at certain aspects of the game, often whilst we’re trying to win competitive squash matches.

This is an added complication for the amateur player that we have tried to factor in while designing the hero zero course.

They key to success is not trying to change too much at any one time. Pick your battles and focus on making the changes that you feel will have the biggest impact on your game. Give yourself time to practice it away from your box or league match and see it gradually work its way into your game.


What you can expect?

You’ll see that there are five separate playlists on the site covering different parts of the game:

  1. The rules
  2. Technique
  3. Mindset
  4. Tactics
  5. Movement

All of these elements are crucial to being a successful squash player. Some parts of the course can be mastered much quicker than others and may not need revisiting at all once watched, such as the rules. Others will need constantly referring back to as you chip away and look for gradual improvements over time.

Each article covers the basic theory behind different elements of the game and offers up guidance on how to practice them. You’ll find a variety of different practices and sessions that are designed to offer guidance on how to incorporate the teaching points into your play.

You’ll also find a common fault diagnosis section which highlights issues that commonly arise within the amateur game. There’s a video associated with each of these which may help alleviate the issue should you find yourself dealing with it.

It should be stressed that a good technique should be at the core of all that you do. As David Pearson said, technique unlocks tactics, it can be very difficult to execute a certain shot or pattern of play if your technique breaks down and you’re unable to consistently hit a certain spot on the court.

That being said, we’ve designed the course in such a way that new players can quickly identify with some simple strategies that will allow themselves to find success with only a basic comprehension of the game.

Finally, you’ll see a big section of the series is devoted to movement. It’s a crucial piece in the puzzle when it comes to playing squash to a decent level. You need to be able to get to the ball, you need to be able to get into good body positions and you need to be able to recover back to the T after you’ve hit your shot. Whilst initially you’ll want to focus on your technique, it will quickly become apparent that your swing and movement are interlinked and go hand in hand. You need to use your momentum as you step into the shot and hit the ball, this helps with both power and accuracy. It’s important to pay attention to this stepping and hitting concept as soon as you get on the practice court.

Thanks for expressing an interest in this Zero to Hero course, we hope you find it useful and we hope you reap the rewards over the next few months.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Now head over to the first part of the series focusing on the rules and basic technique:

  1. The rules of squash
  2. The grip
  3. Basic technique & the swing
  4. The drive & basic movement
  5. The serve & return of serve
  6. The boast
  7. Developing movement
  8. Tactical quick wins
  9. Volleying
  10. The drop & mindset
  11. The lob
  12. Fitness
  13. The warm-up


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