Zero to Hero: Squash fitness

26th November 2018

‘Fitness’ is comprised of many different things. A lot of players still think of fitness mainly just in terms of ‘endurance’, or how long they can keep running for before fatigue slows them to a halt.

Endurance is, of course, a very important attribute for the squash player, but there are many other elements that go toward making up the all-around athleticism so vital for the sport – speed, power, strength, agility, stability, and mobility are all attributes that need to be considered alongside just plain endurance.

If you’re going to undertake some fitness sessions to improve your squash, think about what your individual physical strengths and weaknesses are, and incorporate drills into your training to address those weaker areas accordingly.

You can check our SquashSkills general fitness test here, to get some insight into where you stand in respect to the 3 primary areas of squash-specific conditioning.

Two of the main training modalities you’ll see used for squash conditioning sessions are ghosting and court sprints. While both are simple on the surface – ghosting entails moving around the court simulating a rally without a ball, while court sprints are just sprinted lengths of the court – parameters can be adjusted to allow you focus on a variety of different fitness elements.

Circuits are another popular training method for squash players, due to their inherent flexibility that allows you to incorporate a wider range of exercises and maximise your training time.


Check out some of our favourite squash-specific fitness sessions:













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