Zero to Hero: Developing movement

19th October 2018

What is it?

Squash has its own unique movement patterns that are a fundamental part of the game – to become fully conversant with them requires time and effort.

Why is it important?

Squash is a tough game, so moving around the court as efficiently as possible is crucial. Linking your movement to your shot will also help with quality and consistency.

When you feel confident with your lunge and your hitting position, you should start paying attention to the way you move in and out of corners and strive to move in a more efficient manner. This is explained in this video here.

In a previous blog, we highlighted the need to link your movement to your shot in order to hit the ball with consistency. This is highlighted in the lunge video within the movement playlist.

There are a few core components of efficient movement that should be looked at fairly early on in your squash career. These include:

The split step

The back foot slide

The moving T position

When it comes to practising your movement there really is no better tool than ghosting. To the newbie this may seem like a ridiculous concept where you move around the court pretending to hit an imaginary ball, however, it’s fundamental to developing correct movement patterns and should be a part of every aspiring squash players training schedule.

Ghosting is touched upon in this part of the playlist but is covered in far more detail here.


How to practice

We have created some basic ghosting sessions here for you to incorporate into your training, but have also included a playlist which explains how to practice the fundamental movements such as the split step and the back foot slide.


This first session linked here is a great bolt on to another session such as a solo practice. It only takes 8 minutes but covers the basics.



For something a little more advanced, try this tougher 15min session linked here.


If you want to find other ghosting pattern ideas check out the page here.


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