Put it into practice: Volleying with Jesse Engelbrecht

5th July 2018

We’re delighted to welcome Jesse Engelbrecht back to SquashSkills this week, to offer us his expert insight into one of the key aspects of the modern game – the volley.

Being able to volley confidently and effectively is one of the primary skills that separates out higher level players. The ability to take the ball earlier and more aggressively is a great way to take your opponent’s time away from them, and give yourself increased opportunities to apply pressure and create openings.

Jesse has put together a fantastic playlist for us, taking an in-depth look at this critical part of the game – covering a variety of elements including T position, weighing up risk, and the concept of ‘springing the trap’ and capitalising on a loose ball.

It’s a typical theme between two evenly matched players that the one who spends the most time in the middle of court volleying, will most likely be the winner of the match. In a game such as squash that is so often decided by such fine margins, taking the time to develop your volleying skill and awareness can thus pay huge dividends

The aim of this blog is to help you identify the practices that will allow you to best implement Jesse’s ideas into your game, and provide you with the tools to start to really dominate your opponents with positive, tactically astute volleying.

Try these sessions to practice your volleying

squash volleySolo Practice

Check out this 40-minute solo session looking at developing your basic volleying technique and consistency. Try not to make the exercises too static, make the effort to stay mobile and light on your feet.


squash volleyPairs Practice

If you have a training partner to work with, have a go at this session with a series of progressive practices and condition games bringing the volley into a more realistic rally-based context


squash volleyWant to add a physical edge?

To allow you to step in and take the ball early on the volley, the ability to be strong and fast across the middle of the court is crucial – check out our lateral movement development session to improve that mid-court speed and agility


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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Not watched the full playlist yet?

Check out the full series where Jesse dives into the subject of volleying and explains how to do it better

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