Put it into practice: Squash 57 with Mike Harris

9th November 2020

We’ve mixed things up a little on the site, with a bumper 2-part playlist taking a look at the game of ‘Squash 57’ with multiple time British national champion Mike Harris.

Squash 57 (also commonly referred to as Racketball in the UK), is a game with many similarities to standard squash. Based originally on the popular US sport of Racquetball, this format of the game uses larger rackets, and a bigger, bouncier ball (57mm in diameter, hence the name Squash 57).

Extremely popular now in many clubs, Squash 57 has the advantage of being easier to pick up for the beginner, while also being a little less demanding on the joints due to the higher bounce of the ball. This certainly doesn’t make it an ‘easy option’ however, particularly when you see it played with the skill and technique of a player like Mike!

In this great new series, Mike first takes us through the technical basics of all of the main shots of the game, including drives, boasts, and the serve. In Part 2 he then goes into more detail on some of the more unique elements of the sport, discussing the major tactical differences as compared to squash, as well as some of the more subtle intricacies of optimal technique. Squash 57 movement is also covered, as well as a brief summary video that explains the major rule differences for those who are completely unfamiliar with the sport.

The aim of this blog is to introduce you to the main essentials of Squash 57, and help you refine your skills whether you’re a complete beginner picking up the sport for the first time, or a more seasoned player looking for that extra edge. To aid you with this, we’ve put together a selection of brand new solo and pairs sessions for you to try, built around the main technical points introduced by Mike in the video playlist. Watch through the playlist videos first and then click through the links below to check out the sessions, and see how you can start to better develop your skills.

We’ve had a lot of demand for Squash 57 content, so we really hope you enjoy these new playlists, and look forward to your feedback!


Put it into practice

squash 57Solo session

This solo session is designed to help get you started off with some of the fundamentals of Squash 57, thinking about control and accuracy.


Pairs session

This pairs session works through a series of drill progressions to allow you to practice within the context of a rally, and giving you the chance to start thinking about how to use these skills in a match environment.


Fitness session

The bouncier ball used in Squash 57 can mean you’re in for some long rallies, so it’s important to ensure your conditioning is in peak shape. Check out this challenging circuit session to help you better last the pace in those tough matches.


Check out the series

squash 57Introduction to Squash 57 – Part 1

In part 1, Mike Harris analyses the basics of the game, and the key technical shot differences between squash & squash 57.


squash 57Introduction to Squash 57 – Part 2

In part 2, Mike Harris gives us a technical and tactical analysis of the game! Learn how to adapt to find our length, take the ball in short and how to use the string face to advance your technique!


Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!