Put it into practice: Play like Ramy Ashour

21st July 2019

We’ve got an extra special feature on the site this week, with Peter Nicol taking an in-depth look at the magic and artistry of one of the all-time great players – the sensational Egyptian shotmaker, Ramy Ashour.

With Ramy finally deciding to call time on his career recently after a long battle with injury, we thought this would be the perfect time to shine a light on his brilliance and take a look at just what he did on court that made him so special.

No stranger to the unique pressure of competing at the very pinnacle of the sport himself, Peter takes time in the playlist to discuss some of the aspects of Ramy’s game that he feels were so integral to his greatness, including his unique swing, his remarkable anticipation skills, and his immaculate touch.

The purpose of this blog is to give you suggestions on practices you can use to try and emulate some of Ramy’s magic, and bring elements of his breathtaking style into your own game!

We’ve put together a series of on-court sessions focused around technical trademarks of his such as shortening the backswing, along with feeding drills to work on absorbing pressure, and on developing speed and anticipation around the middle of the court.

To start to try and groove in some of Ramy’s on-court mastery into your own skillset, check out below these brand new specially created solo and pairs sessions. We recommend you take the time also to check out some of the archive footage available of Ramy playing at his peak to see his brilliance in action, and appreciate what a true transformational talent of the sport that he was.


Put it into practice

Solo practice

This session is based around developing ball control while using a shorter, more deceptive backswing.


Pairs practice

Ramy was one of the all-time best at reading his opponent and anticipating their next move – check out this pairs session to help develop this key skillset.


Pairs practice

This pairs pressure session focuses on another strength of Ramy Ashour’s – his strength around the T, and ability to adapt his movement.


Fitness session

Ramy wasn’t just a great shotmaker – when he was fit, he was also a superb athlete. Check out this stability based circuit session, to work on your strength and balance in the shot to help give you the platform to do more with the racket even when under pressure, as Ramy was the master of in his prime.


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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Haven't seen the full playlist yet?

Peter Nicol analyses the traits that made Ramy Ashour such a great player and explains why he was so effective. Lots of outrageous winners and ludicrous finishes, executed in a way that only Ramy can.

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