Put It Into Practice: How To Perfect Your Volley Drop – With Alex Stait

11th October 2022

Gaining confidence on your straight volley drop could just be the greatest weapon you can add to your game.

The volley drop is a perfect combination when played at the right time and played with the right technique. Often you will play a volley drop when your opponent is stuck behind you. People often shy away from playing the volley drop because they are lacking confidence in the execution of the shot.

This awesome playlist from Alex Stait, and the accompanying practice sessions, will really help you understand the intricacies of the shot as well as how and when to play it. After gaining advice from Alex, and then working on the skill of playing the shot, you will be on the lookout and hunting this shot a lot more in your matches. Your opponents will not know what has hit them.

When practising, try not to judge yourself too harshly, especially at the beginning. There is a lot of great advice in this playlist from Alex and a few different ways to play the volley drop to painting on the situation.

Keep it simple to begin with, get a lot of early success, and enjoy the feeling of taking the ball in short on the volley drop. Over the next several weeks, with more dedicated practice and focus, you will see the shot appearing in your matches more often and it will begin to feel just like another shot. When it does you know you have this in your arsenal and can call on it at the right times.


Practice your volley drops

We’ve created solo and pairs sessions for you to put Alex’s teaching into practice.

To check them out simply go on the SquashSkills Training app, tap on the On-Demand library and search for ‘Perfect your volley drop‘ on the Squash Sessions page.


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In this playlist with Alex Stait, you’ll learn how to play the volley drop in a range of different scenarios, and understand the subtleties needed to make it an effective tactic.

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