Put it into practice: Coaches Corner

23rd February 2021

February has seen a brand new series on SquashSkills of our ‘Coaches Corner’ feature, where an amateur club match is dissected and analysed by a pair of our resident SquashSkills experts.

The idea is to take a look at a match between two evenly matched opponents, at a level that is more relatable to many of our members than that seen in the elite PSA games – although we all aspire to emulate the Shorbagys and the Farags of the world, realistically there are shots, movements, and retrievals in those matches a little out of the scope of the vast majority of players!

Our coaches on analysis duties for this episode are SquashSkills founder and ex-Welsh International Jethro Binns, along with England Squash High-Performance Coach and former South African Commonwealth Games representative Jesse Engelbrecht. Both men have a wealth of technical and tactical knowledge and together offer some excellent advice in their breakdown of the match.

Check out the series

Coaches Corner Part 1 – With Jethro Binns

Coaches Corner Part 2 – With Jesse Engelbrecht

An overview analysis of the game is given by each coach, along with the specific tactical advice that they would give to the player that they are representing for the purposes of the feature. This is then extended out into a proposed 6-week action plan, highlighting where our experts feel their training time should be focused to develop the necessary attributes to help enable them to take their games to the next level.

Off the back of this, we’ve put together 2 on-court sessions (1 centered around each player), that feature a selection of solo and pairs exercises built around the main elements identified by Jethro and Jesse. It’s a great way to see how an elite coach will break down a player’s tactical, technical, and physical approach, and evolve a plan for long term improvement.

Watch through the videos from the playlists featuring the commentary and analysis first, and then click through the links to the sessions below to check out how our two amateur players might put it into practice.


Put it into practice

Put It Into Practice for Dan Bradley

A few sessions based on some of the observations on Dan Bradley’s game by Jethro.


boastPut It Into Practice for Steven Flanagan

A few sessions based on some of the observations on Steve Flanagan’s game by Jesse.



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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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