Put it into practice: Length hitting tactics

16th December 2019

Elite Australian coach Shaun Moxham joins us here on SquashSkills for our fresh new December content, this time examining the topic of length hitting – one of the very foundations of the game of squash.

Shaun has had an incredible career in the sport, working alongside a whole raft of top players on their professional journeys and helping them hone their skills and technique. He’s best known for his partnership with one of the all-time greats, David Palmer – ‘The Marine’ won 2 World Championships, 4 British Open Titles, and achieved 10 uninterrupted years ranked inside the World’s Top 10 players whilst under Shaun’s tutelage.

Controlled hitting to the back of the court underpins much of what we do on a squash court, and the length is the most common shot that we use in a typical rally. Accurate hitting to the back allows us to manoeuvre our opponent around, claim tactical real estate in the centre of the court around the T, and set up our attacking opportunities.

In this hugely relevant and practical playlist, Shaun discusses a range of topics surrounding length hitting, including the different types of length (kill, fading, deep), the use of pace, T position, and the ‘friendly’ sidewall(!). We also have some great PSA examples for you to check out, to see how some of the very best in the business use length hitting as the base of their game.

The purpose of this blog is to offer some suggestions on sessions you can use to practice your length and bring some of Shaun’s insights into your game.

Whatever level you play at, hitting a good length is key to your success. This playlist is a great way for you to explore some of the subtleties of length hitting, and hopefully, spark some improvements to your game in this crucial element. Click through the links below to check out our specially created solo and pairs sessions, and use these in conjunction with the playlist videos to really get some quality work in on your deep hitting.


Put it into practice

LengthSolo session

This focused individual session explores a variety of drives to the back of the court, for you to practice on your own.


LengthPartner session

In this pairs session, you’ll work through a range of drills and routines based around length hitting from different areas of the court.


LengthPartner session 2

This session will take you through a series of condition games, focused on practising your length hitting in a competitive environment.


Physical Session

Looking to get some extra physical work in to help your technique? Check out this great new balance/stability session.



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LengthQuick tips for consistent length hitting with Peter Nicol

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Different types of length with Nick Matthew

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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Haven't seen the full series yet?

Make sure to check out this brand new series from Shaun Moxham where he takes us through the fundamental tactics of hitting a length.

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