Put It Into Practice: How To Improve Your Footwork In All Areas Of The Court – With Lee Drew

19th October 2022

Improving your footwork can be one of the keys to fully unlocking your game.

When you are moving well, timing your split-step, and getting out of the previous shot quickly, this will allow you to execute consistent shots, as well as to apply pressure on your opponent by your movement skills.

In this playlist by Lee Drew, he takes a real deep dive investigation about how to improve your footwork in all areas of the court. You need to move in relation to your body shape and size and this playlist details exactly how to do it. Lee comprehensively covers all areas of the court and how to move effectively forwards, sideways, and to the back of the court. There is no one-size-fits-all way, but they’re awesome very common areas that will happen no matter your size or shape.

Often footwork does not get worked on appropriately enough. Very often we just observe and judge our shots. We work on the technical aspect of hitting the ball. But if the footwork is ignored you are missing out on a lot of ways to improve your game.

We have put together a number of solo and pairs practices in order to drill into correct footwork and how to incorporate this into your matches, you can check the information out below. If you’re able to practise footwork in this way, it will have a transformational effect on your game. When you are moving well it feels like nothing will beat you. You will be flowing around the court effortlessly, timing each step, anticipating your opponent’s next shot, and ultimately doing all of this in a very calm and efficient manner.

Good luck, and enjoy!


Improve your footwork

We’ve created solo and pairs sessions for you to put Lee’s teaching into practice.

To check them out simply go on the SquashSkills Training app, tap on the On-Demand library and search for ‘Improve your footwork‘ on the Squash Sessions page.


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