Put it into practice: The importance of speed for squash players

8th December 2020

We have Elite Squash Head Coach Hadrian Stiff joining us again this week, with a playlist exploring his views on the importance of speed in squash.

Hadrian and Elite Squash have established themselves as one of the best-known coaching set-ups in the UK, with his Bristol base having seen a number of the game’s top players pass through – perhaps most famously the Egyptian siblings Mohamed and Marwen El Shorbagy. With an expanding brand and growing network of coaches, Hadrian has done a fantastic job in the growth and development of the sport.

In this brand new series, Hadrian takes a detailed look at speed and what it means within the context of the game. He’s joined by SquashSkills CEO and former Welsh international Jethro Binns for much of the playlist, with the two discussing and sharing their opinions on the topic.

A major focus for Hadrian is the idea of efficiency and fluidity of movement, rather than just pure athleticism. How well a player covers space, and the quality of their footwork both on and off of the ball, are some of the most crucial aspects in respect to his coaching philosophy.

Other videos in the series cover specifics in relation to both professional and amateur players, how best to utilise speed, and examples of some of Hadrian’s favourite speed and reaction drills.

The aim of this blog is to introduce Hadrian’s video series, as well as to point you in the direction of some of the other content we have here on the site regarding speed development. Watch through the videos from the playlist and then click through the links to the sessions below to check them out, and discover the benefits of improving your on-court squash-specific speed!


Put it into practice

Check out some of our favourite speed development videos on the site, from our extensive fitness video library:

Front court speed session

Foundation back corner ghosting speed session

Footwork/coordination session

Speed/agility circuit

Speed/agility session

Foundation speed/agility session


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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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In this series, Hadrian Stiff discusses speed with Jethro Binns, expanding on types of speed within the game and how to utilise it.

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