Put It Into Practice: How To Use Your Speed To Attack – With Peter Creed

24th January 2023

Often in squash, we associate fast players with scrambling around the court and getting many balls back. This is often true in most cases and as much as the natural speed of a player is a weapon, it can also become a weakness if not used in the correct way.

When a player relies on their natural speed to get every ball back in play this can often mean they forget to use their speed to be attacking. There is no doubt that having raw speed is an asset but if it is only used at times only when a player is under pressure, this then translates into being a defensive player. Can the speed be used to take the ball earlier and take time away from your opponent?

If players with natural raw speed can understand to use their greatest asset in an attacking way, this can massively transform their game and take it to new levels.

In this playlist by Peter Creed, he discusses how as a player he relied too much on his defensive speed to keep himself in the rallies, rather than harnessing the speed for attacking play. He gives insightful tips and tools on how to think about speed in a positive way and how to go about training yourself to do so positively.


Improve your skills

We have designed these practice sessions to help you attain more speed in a positive and attacking fashion and to enjoy getting onto balls earlier and starting your opponent of valuable time.

To check them out simply go on the SquashSkills Training app, tap on the On-Demand library and search for ‘Using speed to attack‘ on the Squash Sessions page.


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In this playlist, Peter Creed explains the key tactics you can utilise when you get onto the ball early as well as explaining how to develop your speed around the court.

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