Put It Into Practice: How To Develop Your Attacking Skills – With Peter Nicol

20th January 2023

Peter Nicol was known as one of the most attritional players with a strong mentally, great basic game and solid movement. But there was a lot more to his game than just this.

As his career progressed he needed to be able to attack the ball in different ways to keep his opponents at bay and he developed some unique and difficult shots to put the pressure back on his opponents.

He was able to find different ways to attack the front including holding the ball, taking it early, top-spinning it in, flicking it, using a lot of wrist strength, different body movements, different spins, and the very effective “Aussie” boast.


Improve your skills

In these solo and pairs sessions we have designed, you’ll be able to explore and experiment with a bunch of different ways to develop your attacking game as Peter did in his career and have a whole lot of fun doing so.

If you’re able to practice these sessions several times over you will bring more threat and options into your game and start to expose opponents you may not have been able to before. You will develop a deeper range and add more layers to your game and you should have a whole bunch of fun learning these different ways.

To check them out, go on the SquashSkills Training app, tap on the On-Demand library, and search for ‘Developing attacking options‘ on the Squash Sessions page.


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