Put it into practice: Exercising at home effectively

6th April 2020

For this week’s brand new playlist we have SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Director Gary Nisbet taking over, with a very timely series of videos taking a look at ways you can adapt your squash-specific fitness work, to be able to still train hard even if confined to your home.

We’re going through very difficult times in the world right now, with much of the earth’s population operating under some kind of lockdown or restriction of normal movement. For those who are used to being in the gym or on the court on a regular basis, this can mean a big part of your weekly routine is suddenly missing. From elite professional players who play and train as their full-time job, to the amateur enthusiasts bashing it out at the local leisure centre a couple of times per week for a bit of much-needed stress relief, sport and exercise play a very important part within a lot of people’s lives.

While we, unfortunately, can’t do anything to get the courts and gyms open again anytime soon, what we can do is provide you with some novel ideas and training methods that will help you stay engaged and motivated to keep fit and active both physically and mentally.

Gary brings all of his knowledge and experience to bear in this series, drawn from 15yrs as an elite strength & conditioning coach working with high-level professional athletes from a range of sports including squash, football, and martial arts. He’s crafted a great playlist for us consisting of video demos and sample sessions for each of the main fitness components that comprise the sport – endurance, strength/stability, power, speed/agility, and mobility

Whatever space you have available, whether that be the back garden, the middle of the lounge, or the corner of your bedroom, you’ll be able to use Gary’s exercises to help you get a first-class workout in no matter the circumstances.

The aim of this blog is to outline the sessions Gary discusses in the video series, as well as to point you in the direction of some other great limited space sessions we have on the site. We also have some links for you to check out looking at related content focused on racket skill exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, as well as some more in-depth fitness and conditioning playlists for those interested in learning more about the physical side of the sport.

We’re all looking forward to the day when things return to normal, and we can resume our lives free from the fear and restrictions that so many of us are currently living under. In the meantime though, please try and stay active, stay healthy, and stay safe.


Put it into practice

home enduranceEndurance session

Squat Thrust
Tuck Jump
Lateral Touches

30secs work, then rest 15secs before moving to the next exercise.
Complete 3 to 5 sets through the circuit, with 2mins rest between each set.


home strengthStrength/Stability session

Lunge Matrix (3 x 20reps)
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (3 x 12reps each leg)
Press-Up (3 x 30secs max reps)
Tricep Dip (3 x 10reps)
Stability Plank (3 x 30secs hold)

90secs to 120secs rest between sets.


home powerPower session

Squat Jump (3 x 6reps)
Switching Lunge Jump (3 x 12reps)
Double Jump (3 x 6reps)
Plyo Push-Up (3 x 8reps)


home speedSpeed/Agility session

Sprint on Spot (5secs sprint/10secs jog x2)
Quick Lunge
Ladder Footwork Patterns (lateral shuffle, 2 in/2 out, jump & switch)


30secs work, then rest 90secs before moving to the next exercise.
Complete 3 to 5 sets through the circuit, with 2mins rest between each set.


home mobilityMobility session

Ankle Flexion
Deep Squat
Hip Circles
Back Flex/Extend
Arm Circles

30secs work, then rest 5secs before moving to the next exercise.
Complete 4 sets through the circuit, with 60secs rest between each set.


We also have a great range of additional limited space workouts on the site for you to try out if you’re currently training from home:


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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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Gary Nisbet takes us through exercising at home or confined space and shows us how to make the most of training when you can’t get to a gym or on a court.

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