Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 2 for Intermediate

24th June 2019

We’re delighted to release the second part of our comprehensive Nick Matthew series on the volley this week, moving onto some more technical aspects of the shot for those players who are already proficient at the basics.

[Editor’s Note: This article is based on the SquashSkills’ series on volleying, presented by Nick Matthew. Watch the full series: Nick Matthew’s Ultimate Guide To Volleying Video Series.]

In this intermediate playlist Nick talks a lot about the crucial concept of patterns of play, and discusses how to use shots in partnership to be more effective in your rally construction. Looking to implement certain combinations of shots together can really help you control your opponent, and put you in a better position to play winning squash.

There’s also an increased focus on technique in respect to the swing in this second part of the series, as well as a look at how to approach the challenge of using the ‘correct’ leg.

The aim of this blog is to give you some suggestions on sessions you can use to best take on board some of Nick’s wisdom and experience as regards the technique, tactics, and mindset of the volley, that he explores in more detail in this intermediate entry in our series.

Anybody that has ever seen Nick play will understand exactly why we’ve asked him to present this series for us, with him earning recognition from his peers as perhaps the most masterful volleyer in the sport throughout his storied career. Hearing from one of the all-time greats on how he expertly utilised such an important element of the game is a real treat, and we’re delighted to be able to bring it to you exclusively here on SquashSkills!

To get you on the road to implementing some of Nick’s expert ideas and tips for boosting your volleying skills, check out below some of our specially crafted solo and pairs sessions to take on court with you and start practicing!

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Put it into practice

Solo practice

This session is built around a selection of solo drills and controlled practices, expanding on the content from the initial beginners series.


Pairs practice

This intermediate pairs session works through a series of progressive routines, moving into a variety of rally-based situations.


Pairs practice 2

This second pairs session focuses more on conditioned games, allowing you to practice your volleying skills in a more realistic match-specific competitive environment.


Fitness session

Being an effective volleyer relies heavily on being a good lateral mover, to allow you to stalk that mid-court short line throughout every rally. Check out this on-court conditioning session to help you really start developing this physical proficiency.


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In the second part of Nick Matthew’s volleying series, he focuses on tactics and partnerships by using combinations to set up the volley as well as working on shot technique.

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