Put It Into Practice: Deception with Nick Matthew

17th January 2022

We’re thrilled to have squash legend ‘The Wolf’ Nick Matthew back with us this week, bringing us his latest exclusive coaching playlist – this time focusing on the topic of deception.

As arguably the finest English player of all time, Nick had a massively successful career at the pinnacle of the sport. He won every major accolade in the game – his most prestigious accomplishments coming in the shape of the World Open title (3 times), and Commonwealth Games gold (3 times). Now working as a very successful coach as part of the England Squash elite performance team in Manchester alongside his work with the squad of pro players based at his home club in Harrogate, he’s put together another excellent playlist for you to enjoy.

Deception is a hugely significant part of the modern-day players arsenal, with a big tactical advantage going to the player with the ability to befuddle their opponent into being unable to read where the next shot is going.

In this playlist, Nick explores all of the various facets of deception in the game, such as racket preparation, movement, and timing. He also takes time to highlight how deception is not just about hitting outright winners, but about breaking down your opponent’s movement and accumulating fatigue in their legs. Of course, there’s also the fun element of deception to enjoy as well – who doesn’t love a good ‘Taxi!’ against their opponent!

The aim of this blog is to introduce Nick’s video series, along with the related solo and pairs sessions that we’ve created to help you put it into practice. We’ve also included links to some of the other content we have here on the site on similar topics, to help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the whole subject area of deception. Being a more naturally deceptive hitter will make you a better player, and taking the time to groove this into becoming an organic part of your swing will really pay swift dividends in terms of tangible improvement to your game.

Watch through the videos from the playlist and then click through the links to the sessions below to check them out, and learn how to enhance your skills of deception directly from one of the greatest players to ever step on court.


Put it into practice

defendSolo session

This solo session is designed to get you started off with some of the technical fundamentals of basic deception.


Pairs session

Use this pairs session to practice some of the main elements of deception introduced by Nick, within a more realistic rally specific environment.


Fitness session

As well as developing your own skills of deception, combating a difficult to read opponent is a very important ability to develop. Try out this great speed circuit created by SquashSkills Fitness Director Gary Nisbet, to help make you a faster and more agile mover on court.


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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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In this series, Nick Matthew teaches you how to develop your deceptive abilities. He offers tips and tricks that he learned and developed over the course of his illustrious career.

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