Put it into practice: Dealing with injury

16th September 2019

We’ve got something a little different on the site this week, as SquashSkills’ own Peter Nicol & Gary Nisbet take a look at the bane of every squash players career – Injury.

When competitive sport is a big part of your life, any enforced absence can be tough. Peter has suffered with knee injures himself in the last couple of years, and his recent meniscus operation was the spark behind this new playlist on ‘dealing with serious injury’.

In this fascinating new series, Peter discusses his personal experiences, while Gary looks at some of the science around injury recovery and rehab.

It isn’t just the physical side that needs to be considered however. The mental aspect of serious injury is important also, and some of the more common coping strategies and mental framing techniques are covered by Peter and Gary in their videos.

Whatever injury you’ve suffered and whatever stage you’re in, we hope there’s something in this series that will help you. Suffering a serious injury can be a very frustrating, depressing experience, but hopefully, this playlist will help provide you with some support and reassurance. 

There’s no way to ever avoid injury completely, but certainly including some dedicated strength and mobility sessions in your weekly programme can go some way to helping keep you fit and healthy. Check out some of our brand new sessions below.


Put it into practice

Strength session

This session is based around a series of multi-joint compound lifts, ideal to build a framework of whole-body strength and resilience.


Machine strength session

For those unfamiliar with traditional resistance training and lacking confidence in their form and technique, try this slightly simpler gym machine-based workout.


Full body mobility session

Keeping your body supple and mobile can help prevent certain types of injury manifesting themselves – check out this full-body mobility session for some great flexibility drills.


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Strength and power for squash players

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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Haven't seen the full playlist yet?

In the playlist, Gary explains the science behind each phase of the injury process, whilst Peter offers up some personal thoughts and feelings he has encountered off the back of his recent knee surgery.

Watch the playlist in full