Put it into practice: Ball skill development from home

28th April 2020

This brand new playlist sees SquashSkills own Jesse Engelbrecht back with another instalment of his ever-entertaining ball skill development at-home exercises!

With the majority of the world still operating within difficult circumstances due to the virus pandemic, it’s very difficult right now to get any kind of normal training in. It’s slightly easier to still partake in your fitness and conditioning work, where most people can still get out to run, circuit train, or do some bodyweight strength sessions, but without access to a court it’s much more difficult to get any actual hitting in.

While we have no idea when exactly we’ll be able to get back onto court, in the meantime – with a little bit of creativity – you can still get some racket skill work in to ensure you’re not too rusty when normal service resumes!

Jesse has come up with a fantastically entertaining playlist to follow on from his previous session, brimming full of fun and challenging exercises to help you keep up to speed with your ball control. As well as the pure skill-based exercises, Jesse has also included some great drills to challenge your balance, stability, and core, as well as some variations on some tough yoga moves.

All you need is to find a safe, solid wall to work on, with a little bit of space to mark out and move around in. Make sure your surface is clear and even, and remove all items and obstacles where possible – please make sure you first get permission from whoever’s wall it is you’re using as well!!

The aim of this blog is to introduce Jesse’s ball skill development video series, as well as to point you in the direction of some of the other limited space content we’re currently featuring on the site, including links to replays of all of our ‘Live’ follow-along sessions that we’ve been featuring on our YouTube channel. We also have some links for you to check out looking at related content focused on fitness work you can do in the comfort of your own home or garden.

We’re all looking forward to the day when things return to normal, and we can resume our normal daily schedules of life, work, and sport. In the meantime try and stay positive, get out and do some daily exercise, and use our SquashSkills playlists to have a little bit of fun with your racket with some home sessions.


Put it into practice

Home ghosting session

In addition to Jesse’s skills session, this ghosting session can be done in a limited space at home by marking out a rough squash court. Don’t worry if you do not have the space for a full court as any size will do and can be adapted. Check out Gary’s blog article for some info and advice for home ghosting sessions.

ball skillWall session

Jesse shows a set of wall drills to improve your racket and ball skills while at home.


ball skillWall targets session

In this video, Jesse takes us through a great drill using targets on a wall to fine-tune ball control and hand-eye coordination.


Ball skill taps – Around the world session

Jesse demonstrates the ball skill drill to use with larger workspace at home or outside.



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Exercising at home effectively

Gary takes us through exercising at home or confined space and shows us how to make the most of training when you can’t get to a gym or on a court.


Follow-along YouTube Live sessions

For fun follow-along squash and fitness sessions at home make sure to check out these links:

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Family Squash Skills – Episode 3

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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Haven't seen the full series yet?

Be sure to check out the Part 2 of the home-based ball skill series, Jesse gives many more fun and challenging exercises to sharpen your technique with a ball, racket and wall.

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