Put it into practice: Backhand back corner coaching session with Jesse Engelbrecht

8th April 2019

One huge area of frustration for a lot of players is the ability to deal effectively with balls that get put into the deep backhand corner of the court. In the playlist, a lot of key fundamentals were drilled down on and paid attention to, and in my opinion what areas need to be done well in order to have successful outcomes.

When watching players who are adept at returning the ball effectively out the deep backhand corner there will be some non-negotiables that are performed consistently. Ideally with sustained practice and focus you will be able to start to effortlessly get these working for you in match play and be able to feel comfortable when being taken into the deep backhand corner. Some key areas to focus on would be:

  • Get the ball on the rise if possible before the back
  • Ability to play off both legs to get as much behind the ball as possible
  • Choke up on the grip when digging out the back
  • Get low and compact and a strong base when the ball reaches the back
  • Lower your swing so it comes through slightly more horizontal and parallel to the ground
  • Get underneath the ball to give it lift
  • Use and attach your body weight to the shot especially in the follow through phase


Put it into practice

Solo practice

A solo session working a selection of drills focused on playing the ball out of the back backhand side of the court.


Pairs practice

A pairs session working a selection of drills focused on playing the ball out of the back backhand side of the court.


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