Put it into practice: Basic amateur tactics

2nd December 2019

SquashSkills co-founder and legend of the sport Peter Nicol is back in the spotlight this week, as he introduces a brand new playlist for us taking a look at basic tactics for the amateur player.

Squash is the same fundamental game at its core, whether it’s being played by world-class superstars on the glass in front of the pyramids, or by amateur newbies on the backcourt at the local leisure centre. In this insightful new playlist, Peter discusses how a lot of the same basic strategies and usages of various shots, hold true to a common thread throughout every level of the sport.

Peter has an almost unparalleled insight into the game of squash, as one of the most decorated players in history – winning multiple Commonwealth Games medals, British Opens, and numerous other major events, whilst also being crowned world champion in 1999 and going on to hold onto the world number 1 spot on the PSA rankings for an astonishing total of 60 months throughout his career. Peter now runs his hugely successful ‘Nicol Champions Academy’ programme based in the US, so he has a real handle on the developmental side of the game as well.

In the playlist, a range of important tips and strategies are introduced regarding some of the key shots in the game, including the serve, the volley, and the boast. Wider ranging tactical considerations are also introduced surrounding elements such as T control, taking the ball in short, and keeping the ball in play, all presented with Peter’s clear and concise delivery – a great chance to really learn some of the fundamentals of the game from one of the very best to ever pick up a racket!

The purpose of this blog is to give you some suggestions for sessions you can use to begin incorporating some of Peter’s tactical advice into your own game and give you the tools to progress your game and start outfoxing your opposition! You can check out our specially created solo and pairs sessions below, along with a great comprehensive physical session to help boost your squash conditioning – everything you need to start putting things into practice and take your squash to the next level!


Put it into practice

Solo session

This individual session is based around refining your basics and building confidence in the fundamentals of ball control.


Partner session

In this pairs session, you’ll work through a series of simple routines, designed to develop proficiency around some of the basic shots within a rally format.


Partner session 2

Start practising some of the tips and tactics introduced by Peter within a more competitive environment, in this great conditioned game-based session.


Physical Session

Building a good physical base is crucial to being able to successfully implement your tactics in a match environment. Check out our latest multi-element fitness session.



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Let us know how you get on with the sessions, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Interested in learning more about simple amateur tactics?

Check out the full series Peter Nicol teaches the fundamental tactics for amateurs to step up their game.

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